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Collect, Put on, Display

sCenes' new collection

"Collect your own pearls" jewelry


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Pearls you'll want to collect

Pearls are one-of-a-kind art pieces.
Each pearl is unique and has a different expression.

Among the many types of gems, pearls are organic gems created by shells, and no one knows what kind of pearl is lying inside the shell until the pearl is taken out.

Even those of us who look at pearls every day are surprised to find colors and forms that are beyond our imagination.

The pearls we have prepared for COLLECTIBLE PEARL are rare and truly valuable, selected from among the many we have encountered.




Since each pearl has its own unique character, we wanted to create a piece of jewelry where people can collect pearls like a mineral specimen, look at them, and enjoy wearing them.

If we could have a piece of jewelry in which pearls could be changed, we would be able to enjoy pearls according to our moods, seasons, and scenes.

We have also created a specimen stand for pearls that are not being worn, so that they can be displayed and enjoyed instead of just being stored away.

The specimen stand will be introduced in a different feature page.



The star of the show is the pearl.

Our brand philosophy is to create jewelry that brings out the individuality of pearls.

The special ring is made of 18k gold and "flat" so that the beauty of the pearl stands out.

The ring has a simple design with no unnecessary decoration, and the COLLECTIBLE PEARL is attached to the ring screw by turning it around.
It is available in two different ring widths.

In addition, we are currently working on special parts other than the ring that will allow you to enjoy the COLLECTIBLE PEARL.

Collectible Packcage



COLLECTIBLE PEARL is delivered in a small glass specimen jar and its own packaging.

Each pearl comes with a card with information, so please enjoy detailed information about your chosen pearl.

Collectible bottle


How to enjoy specimen bottles

The cork of the specimen bottle has a cup pin so that the pearl can be placed on it and used as a stand as it is.

When displaying pearls, please keep them out of direct sunlight.

Specimen stand for displaying and admiring the pearls is sold separately. ※Currently on hiatus.

COLLECTIBLE PEARL will be introducing special pearls as soon as they arrive.
Please collect your favorite pearls and enjoy your own collection.

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