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Shipping & Returns

About Payment

Payment method

You can choose from the following payment methods.

  • ● Credit card payment
    Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  • ● PayPal
    JCB is available when you choose PayPal payment.
  • ● Shop Pay
  • ● Apple Pay
  • ● Google Pay

Shipping fee

Shipping costs vary depending on the delivery method, country, region and purchase price.

1.) International Air Parcel

"Free shipping" if the purchase amount is 10,000 Japanese yen or more.
A shipping fee of 2,000 yen will be charged if the purchase amount is less than 10,000 yen.
Arrives within 7–14days
*Some areas are not covered.

2.) FedEx International Economy

Purchase Asia Americas Europe
¥0–199,999 ¥2,500 ¥4,000 ¥5,000
Over ¥200,000 Free Free Free
Time for delivery 4-7 days 5-10 days 5-10 days

3.) FedEx International Priority

Purchase Asia Americas Europe
¥0–199,999 ¥4,500 ¥7,000 ¥9,000
¥200,000–299,999 Free ¥3,000 ¥4,000
Over ¥300,000 Free Free Free
Time for delivery 2-3 days 3-5 days 3-5 days

*Due to COVID-19, shipping methods are currently limited in some countries. Please check the shipping method selection screen on the checkout page.
Also, we are experiencing significant delays in all areas for international shipments from Japan.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your patience.

Import duty

The prices listed for items sold on this site are DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid).
Duty rates on imported goods vary by country or region. They also vary by value, so please check before shopping on your own.
Please note that the payment method for taxes and fees varies from country to country, for example, if you have to pay taxes and fees at the time of importation by self-assessment.
The duty-free limit also varies by country. Please check for yourself.
The HS code for Pearls (Articles Of Natural Or Cultured Pearls) is "7116.10"; codes after the seventh digit vary from country to country and are not listed.

Sales tax

No sales tax is charged on purchases made on this site.
You may be required to pay sales tax when you import, which varies by country or region. Please check in advance for yourself.


We do not issue receipts.
Please use the credit card statement issued by your credit card company.

About Shipping

Countries and Areas for Shipping

  • ●[ Asia ]: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand
  • ●[ Americas ]: United States, Canada
  • ●[ Europe ]: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium
  • *Due to COVID-19, shipping methods are currently limited in some countries. Please check the shipping method selection screen on the checkout page.
    Also, we are experiencing significant delays in all areas for international shipments from Japan.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your patience.

Time for delivery

  • ●International Air Percel
    Arrives within 7–14days
  • ●FedEx International Economy
    • [ Asia ] Arrives within 4–7days
    • [ Americas, Europe ] Arrives within 5–10days
  • ●FedEx International Priority
    • [ Asia ] Arrives within 2–3days
    • [ Americas, Europe ] Arrives within 3–5days
  • * The delivery time is only an estimate and may take longer depending on traffic conditions, weather and local conditions.
    Also, please note that this is an estimate of how long it will take to receive your package after it is shipped, not after you place your order.
    Please note that it may take more than 2 days to arrange for delivery after your order is placed. We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, so we are unable to make delivery arrangements.

Product delivery status

You can check the delivery status of your order through the delivery service of your choice.
To check the status of your order, please enter the tracking number that will be sent to you by email after your order has been shipped.

Cancellation / Exchange / Return


Please note that we do not accept cancellations after an order has been placed.
Please check the contents of the product before ordering.

Exchange / Return

We won't accept any returns or exchanges, except for an item in a flawed or damaged condition.
If the item is defective or you receive a different item than you ordered, you can return or exchange it.
Please contact us within 3 days of delivery. We’ll take you through the process. Returns that do not comply with following policy will not be accepted:

  • ● Customer's own sensory reasons such as the product being different from their image are not acceptable.
  • ● Items must be returned unworn, undamaged unused and unaltered, in the same condition it arrived in.
  • ● Items must be in the original branded packaging, and placed inside a protective outer box for shipping.
  • ● Items were purchased directly from pearl-house.jp and you have the receipt or proof of purchase.
  • ● In addition, when it is judged that the product cannot be resold

We reserve the right to deny any request for return, exchange, or repair.


Once your return is received and inspected, we will send an email to confirm the completion of your refund.
Refunds will include shipping costs for the shipping plan you selected for your purchase.
We retain the right to withhold such refund until we have received the products for inspection.


  • Q1. Can I order by phone or email?
    We do not accept orders by phone or email for products on this site.
    If you have a special request for jewelry production, please contact us using the contact form.
  • Q2.Can products be reserved?
    We are sorry, but we do not accept product reserve.
  • Q3. Can I buy gift wrapping?
    This is possible. Please add free gift wrapping to your cart from the Item page.
  • Q4. Do you provide a certificate of identification for the pearls?
    There are some products that come with a certificate of authenticity prepared by a pearl appraisal organization and some that do not.
    The reason for this is that if the cost of the certificate is added to the relatively low price of the product, the price will be much higher.
    If you need a certificate prepared by a pearl grading organization, we can prepare one for you at an additional cost.
    All of our products come with a quality assurance card that clearly states that we guarantee the quality of our products.
  • Q5. What is the quality of the pearls used in your products?
    The basic criteria that determine the value of pearls include shape, luster, thickness of the nacreous layer, size, color, and condition of the pearl surface.
    The pearls used in the products sold on this website are of good quality and have been used only by our company, which has been cultivated as a manufacturer specializing in pearls, and have passed our strict standards.
    If you would like more information about the pearls used in our products, please contact us from the contact page.
  • Q6.Can I specify the delivery date?
    We are sorry, but we are unable to specify the arrival date of the product for overseas delivery.
  • Q7. Can I change the payment method after I have placed an order?
    We are sorry, but we are unable to change the payment method after the order is confirmed.
  • Q8. Can I add items to my order? Can I combine multiple orders into one?
    We are sorry, but we are unable to change or add products to your order once it is confirmed.
  • Q9. Can I pay for my purchase from overseas by bank transfer?
    We are sorry, but we do not accept payment by bank transfer for international orders. Please use another method of payment.
  • Q10. Why didn't I receive an order confirmation email?
    If you do not receive an order confirmation email, it may be the following
    ・The order was not completed.
    ・It has been placed in your spam folder.
    ・You have specified a domain in your spam settings, or you have not specified it as a permitted domain.
    ・Please make sure that you can receive "@pearl-house.jp".
    ・The mail server has blocked it as a spam mail.
  • Q11.The product I received and the color of the product image are different.
    Due to the nature of viewing on a computer, mobile phone, smartphone or tablet, the image of the product may differ slightly from the actual color of the product.
    Differences in color from the image will not be considered a reason for return. Please note that differences in color from the image are not a reason for returning the product.
  • Q12. It sometimes causes metal allergies.
    If you have or suspect that you have metal allergies, we recommend that you have a medical examination and follow the advice of your doctor before purchasing or wearing the product.
    If you experience any skin problems after wearing the product, please stop using it and consult your doctor immediately.
    Please note that we do not accept returns of products.
  • Q13. I have lost one of my pierced earrings. Can I buy just one?
    If we have pearls of the same quality as the pearls used in our products in stock, we can make earring for you, but if the shapes of the pearls are not consistent, such as baroque pearls and keshi pearls, we may not be able to accept your request.
    For details, please contact us from the contact page.