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About Earring Processing - For small size pearls

About Earring Processing - For small size pearls

1.) Choose your favorite earring base from ➀ to ⑦.

Material Type Additional fee
925 silver (Gold Plating) Post 0 Yen
925 Silver (Rhodium Plating) Post 0 Yen
10K Yellow Gold Post 1,650 yen
10K White Gold Post 2,200 yen
18K Yellow Gold Post 5,500 yen
18K Pink Gold Post 5,500 yen
18K White Gold Post 6,050 yen


2.) Backs will come in the same color.

* Silicon backs, etc. cannot be changed.



● You cannot purchase the earring base alone. This product page is for checking the details of the earring option, so if you add it to your cart and complete the purchase process, we will delete it and inform you of the correction.
● We can only process pearls that have been purchased from us.
● A special transparent epoxy resin adhesive is used for gluing. Once glued, the pearls cannot be removed.
● Please note that the price of the earring base is subject to change without notice due to changes in the market price of bullion.


*Each pearl sometimes has blemishes and flaws on the surface which actually indicate that a pearl is authentic. *For any enquiries and further information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us before the purchase. *The pearls and jewelries on the image may slightly differ from their actual color, texture and design due to the display resolution on different devices.