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【BASE PARTS】18K YG C Hook Earring
【BASE PARTS】18K YG C Hook Earring
【BASE PARTS】18K YG C Hook Earring
【BASE PARTS】18K YG C Hook Earring
【BASE PARTS】18K YG C Hook Earring

【BASE PARTS】18K YG C Hook Earring

Dedicated 18K YG C Hook Earring

A hook earring in the shape of a C to which COLLECTIBLE PEARL can be attached.
In the C shape, the attached pearl faces upward and the form of the pearl stands out.

The screw grooves are coated with an anti-loosening coating.
The anti-loosening coating is a thin elastic film applied to the screw grooves to prevent the screws from loosening due to vibration or other factors by frictional force.
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Sold as a single earring (one ear). If you wish to purchase a pair, please purchase two pieces.

MATERIAL18K Yellow Gold



This product is made of K18.
Due to the characteristics of the material, it is expected that the screws will wear out with more frequent use.
Please be careful not to apply too much force up and down when turning the screws.
The screw holder on the pearl side is not replaceable due to its specifications.

How to attach it?


When attaching the COLLECTIBLE PEARL to the dedicated ring or other dedicated parts, tighten the screw clockwise until it reaches the end.
If the pearl is used for a long time, or if force is applied to the pearl, the screw may loosen slightly, so please use with caution.

*Due to the specifications of the ring, the position where the COLLECTIBLE PEARL stops when it is turned on the screw will vary depending on the ring. Please be aware of this.

Regarding delivery date
・ There are sizes for exclusive rings that are always in stock and sizes that are not. Sizes that are out of stock will be manufactured after you place an order, so it will take up to 3 weeks to manufacture. If you are in a hurry, please contact us from the contact page.

* This item will be delivered in a wrapped state.


*Each pearl sometimes has blemishes and flaws on the surface which actually indicate that a pearl is authentic. *For any enquiries and further information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us before the purchase. *The pearls and jewelries on the image may slightly differ from their actual color, texture and design due to the display resolution on different devices.