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with a thought in the screw.


In this special feature, we will introduce in detail the process leading up to the completion of the various dedicated parts that form the base and the design intent of the various parts that allow you to enjoy COLLECTIBLE PEARL.


Screw Parts

When developing the "COLLECTIBLE PEAL", the first challenge was to find a manufacturer that could produce screw-type parts in "gold".
We contacted manufacturers of stainless steel and iron industrial screws available at home centers, but none of them manufactured "gold" screws. Therefore, we made inquiries here and there to find a manufacturer that could produce small gold screw parts with high precision.

After much effort, he found a well-established jewelry parts manufacturer in Kofu, the largest jewelry production area in Japan.
This manufacturer had high production technology and accounted for the majority of the domestic market share for jewelry parts, and was the only manufacturer that produced parts with a screw structure.
We immediately requested a sample of a 0.9 mm-thin screw, and the quality of the actual product we confirmed was the deciding factor in our decision to work with this long-established manufacturer.
The exquisite thickness of 0.9 mm is just barely strong enough for a screw made of gold, and as a piercing part, depending on the size of the piercing hole, a screw thicker than this would be difficult to use on a daily basis, so this quality was essential.

However, in the beginning, there were many difficulties in the manufacturing process in response to our detailed requests, and it took time to stabilize the accuracy through repeated consultations and reworking.
As for the metal fittings to be attached to the COLLECTIBLE PEAL, we eventually came to the point of creating a dedicated jig, which enabled us to manufacture the product with high quality.



Production of special parts

The first step in the production of the dedicated parts that can be attached to COLLECTIBLE PEAL was to create a "ring".
In line with our brand philosophy of "simple design that brings out the beauty of pearls," we produced several samples, but the one that fit best was "just a flat ring with a screw bar" without any unnecessary decoration.
The simplicity of the design allows the pearls to stand out without drawing the eye anywhere.
In jewelry that can be enjoyed by replacing the pearls one by one, the basic "inorganic design" is the first thing that is essential for COLLECTIBLE PEAL.
All of the dedicated parts we have produced so far have been made in accordance with this philosophy.



Loosening prevention processing

Soon after the launch of COLLECTIBLE PEARL, we received a request from a customer who was concerned about whether the pearls would fall off while being worn, and wanted some kind of mechanism to prevent them from falling off.
Since installing a device with a solid locking function would spoil the beauty of its appearance, we searched for various mechanisms that would allow smooth removal using a screw structure and that could be done later without changing the simple appearance.
After manually researching various techniques for preventing screws from loosening, we arrived at the method of coating the screw part with a resin that has an anti-loosening effect.

This process bakes the resin at a high temperature of about 180°C, so it does not peel easily, withstands repeated use, and is resistant to temperature changes in our living environment.
We believe that this was a good solution to solve the problem of pearls falling off, even if only a little, as the pearls can be used without hesitation as before, and their appearance remains almost unchanged.

However, even if the pearls do loosen a little, the frictional force of the membrane will stop them from falling out, so they are less likely to fall out than before, but we ask that you continue to check for looseness from time to time when wearing them, as you have done in the past.



Parts design

"Flat Ring"
A simple flat ring.
Two types of ring width are available, 1 mm and 2.5 mm.
If you prefer a 10mm UP large pearl, a 2.5mm width will give you a better balance.
If you wish, we can also prepare a matte finish.
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"Wand Hook Earring"
Hook type pierced earring parts made for the first time.
Select the hook type as the first part to decorate your ears to match various forms of pearls such as rounds, drops, and buttons.
If the pearl is floating in the air, any form of pearl will stand out beautifully, and it will be a picture even when worn as a one-ear earring.
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"Open Ring"
A free-type ring that is easy to choose as a gift for those who use multiple rings or who do not know the size of their fingers.
A high quality baby Akoya 4.5-5.0mm is fixedly attached to one side.
Even with a slightly long drop-shaped pearl, the open ring fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to use.
Since the turned pearl fits your finger, there is almost no worry that the pearl will fall off.
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"Stud Earring"
Similar to the idea of the flat ring that I made at the beginning, the simplest stud earrings to decorate my ears.
With the pearl attached and the catch attached, the length of the effective part that enters the pierced hole is about 7 mm. (The average earlobe thickness of Japanese women is about 6 mm)
There are two types of catches, one that uses silicon and one that uses only bare metal.
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"C Line Hook Earring"
The design that the pearl stands up, which is the opposite of the wand hook earrings that the pearl faces down.
The drop type has a very different impression between the wand hook earrings and the C line hook earrings, so it is recommended to use them properly according to your mood and the individuality of the pearl.
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"Pin Brooch"
Proposed as a part that allows you to enjoy pearls regardless of gender.
The ball part of the baby Akoya charm has built-in silicon, and after turning the COLLECTIBLE PEARL, it can be adjusted at any position and can be removed.
Match your outfit with jacket lapel pins and hatpins.
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"Stick Charm"
A simple design that is conscious of high versatility.
The edgy can made by cutting out from a pipe was conscious of the beauty when viewed from the side.
The inner diameter of the can is large, so you can use it as a pendant by passing it through a chain. You can also use it as an earring by passing it through hoop earrings or earrings.
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New "Phil Gap Ring"
A new open ring made for this special feature.
The pearl comes between your fingers, so even tall pearls fit well.
The ring is made by stretching it from a round bar to a flat plate and bending it so that the corners stand up, giving it a sharp impression.
There are 2 sizes.
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About the material

The exclusive parts of the OLLECTIBLE PEARL series are currently using K18YG or K10YG. K18YG is used for all the screw receiving brackets attached to the pearl.
Both materials are domestically produced materials that do not use "nickel, chromium, cobalt, cadmium, lead, mercury", which often cause metal allergies.
(However, copper, which is a discount for both K18 and K10, is always included. Copper is also a material that causes allergic reactions very rarely, so not all people are allergic.)

In addition, K10 has lower corrosion resistance than K18 and is prone to color change, so more careful care is required.
To clean the gold material, a 100% cotton jewelry polishing cloth containing a cleaner ingredient made by the long-established British manufacturer TOWN TALK, which is also sold on the site.Gold Polishing ClothIs recommended.
When cleaning, be careful not to polish the screw part.



The exclusive parts of COLLECTIBLE PEAL have nothing like the flashiness of high jewelry.
The idea of COLLECTIBLE PEARL is to make people feel "wearing pearls" instead of "wearing jewelry".
The protagonist is Pearl.

I would like to continue to propose parts that can make pearls look beautiful.

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